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Tickets are available exclusively from Ticketmaster

The names of the star perfomers for the opening act at the Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival 2014 on February, 13 has been announced.

One of the leading successful rock bands of the 1990s, Stone Temple Pilots together with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, has been confirmed to be the fifth of the eight main performances for the 12th edition of this annual music festival.

Anthony Younes, Co-Founder and CEO of Chillout Productions says, “By popular demand, the Alternative Classic Rock Band Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington will headline the opening night.

“Just like the Dubai Jazz Festival, the band is upholding their legacy while keeping up with the new age”.

He added, “We will be revealing a Legendary Multi-Grammy Award Winning Artist soon. The rest of the other artists will be unveiled in the coming weeks, along with the announcements of our new presenting sponsor and new hospitality partner.

It goes to show how we are raising the bar for music festivals everywhere.”

Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington will perform on February 13th 2014 at Festival Park, Dubai Festival City. The Emirates Airline Dubai Jazz Festival 2014 will run from 13th to 21st of February 2014 at Festival Park – Dubai Festival City.

Tickets are now available exclusively from Ticketmaster.

Hailed for being a truly unique music festival in the Middle East, the organizers continue to add more excitement for next year.

According to Younes, “Complete details will be shared to the public soon about the new event that will take place during the Main Gigs.

“Through this introduction, we can better promote the growth of jazz for music fans in the UAE. We will be providing a full night lineup complete with diverse and talented performers across multiple genres – it will be an incredible mix of Jazz, Pop, Rock and more.”

Source: Emirates 24/7


Yesterday Chester and his bandmates from Stone Temple Pilots, Dean and Robert DeLeo, visited the Cardon Children’s Hospital. Chester also said that this event is a highlight for him – every year. Bennington has been performing on three of the four events that have been taken place so far. He and his wife Talinda are great and passionate supporters of the Cardon Children’s Hospital ever since it’s opening.

The 5th Annual Stars of the Season, on which Chester & Stone Temple Pilots, headlined took place last night. Check our Ted Stryker’s twitter page – he hosted the even’t and posted some great pictures. As well as Chester’s bandmate Mike Shinoda and his wife Anna.


The rock band Stone Temple Pilots visited with kids at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa. That included the band’s new lead singer Chester Bennington, a Phoenix native formerly of the rock/rap band Linkin Park. Band members toured the facility, and hung out with patients and their families. “My wife and I have been involved with the children’s hospital since its opening,” said Bennington in a media briefing. The 90′s hard rock band is headlining the hospital’s “Stars of the Season” event Oct. 26 at the Montelucia Resort & Spa in Paradise Valley. “I’ve had the pleasure of performing at three of the four Stars of the Season events,” said Bennington, “and it’s one of the highlights of my year every year.”
Proceeds from the event will benefit the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. For more information, visit the Banner Health website.

Chester said to AZCentral:

“It’s a beautiful place,” the singer said during a press conference. “The parents we met today were great and they’ve had a great experience here today. We saw a baby that was a little over a pound all the way to another baby that was born here with the same weight and now a full eight pounds and is ready to go home soon hopefully.”

Bennington, a father of six, was especially interested in the neonatal intensive care unit because he and wife Talinda have twin babies that were born premature. During his visit, he met children who were also born before full-term pregnancies and spoke with parents and staff members who were clearly touched by his dedication to the community and hospital.

“We live a very blessed kind of life and we get to do things that require very little effort in a lot of ways, so giving back for me has always been an obligation to give my thanks to the communities that supported what I do in my bands,” Bennington said. “I feel that when you reach a certain level of success, I think that it becomes imperative that you do things for the community. Bennington’s positive attitude and desire to help others may have impacted the DeLeo brothers to bring him on board as STP’s new singer.

“We spent some time together back around 2000 and I had a pretty good inkling of as to what was ticking inside of him,” said guitarist Dean DeLeo.

Bassist Robert DeLeo added, “That was really one of the main reasons we wanted him in the band because we knew what kind of human being he was and that means a lot to Dean, Eric, and myself.”

Bennington has been involved in the Stars of the Season from the beginning, performing with his other side project, Dead By Sunrise, and members of the Los Angeles all-star cover band Camp Freddy.

Although previous years have found him going easy on the volume, Bennington reported, with a laugh, “This year with STP, we decided that we are not going to play acoustically and that we are going to play full volume.”

Spike TV's 10th Annual Video Game Awards - Show

Meteora wasn’t just a milestone for Linkin Park. It was a milestone for modern rock. The band’s second full-length illuminated the fact that they were here to stay, and it also evinced just how incredible their songwriting is. Tracks like “Don’t Stay”, “Somewhere I Belong”, and “Numb” remain classics in the Linkin Park catalog, and the record exudes a unique sense of urgency that’s still magnetic ten years later. Meteora is a classic…

In this exclusive interview with ARTISTdirect.com editor in chief Rick Florino, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park looks back on Meteoraand looks ahead for Linkin Park.

Given the album has celebrated its ten-year anniversary, what’s the first thing you think of when you think ofMeteora?

I think Meteora was a really good step for us in terms of our ability to write the kinds of songs we were going to be capable of writing. I look at Hybrid Theory and Meteora in a really strange way. We knew what we wanted, and we knew how to execute to a certain degree. However, we were also just going for it. We didn’t really care about what anybody else was doing. We also didn’t care whether or not the songs fit together stylistically as a whole or a collection of songs.

How so?

It was more like, “This riff is sick!” Then, we’d just scream over it, and the next song would be a mid-tempo ballad and you’d sing the way that song needed to be sang. We were testing. We were students in college. We were in the lab, and we happened to stumble across something everybody liked and it worked. I think Meteora was an extension of that.

Do you feel a connection between the two albums?

Absolutely, it’s like Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the same process. The only thing is we got better at writing songs onMeteora. We got better at creating sounds. We got better at arranging the songs.

What was Don Gilmore‘s role in all of this?

I think Don had respect for us at that point. It wasn’t just about making a commercial record for the record company. We were allowed to make whatever we wanted. There were no fights. There was no power struggle coming from the label at that time. It was our first taste of being free to a certain degree. At the same time, we were still searching for respect. I feel like we were coming out on that record. It was like, “Now people know what we sound like. We’ve been around. Check this shit out!” We got heavier. We got more cinematic with our songs.

It’s like a bridge into the Linkin Park of today.

I feel like those were two great stepping stones into catapulting us into really believing we could do whatever we wanted in the studio.

What’s next for you?

Linkin Park is making a new record now. We’re writing some great music, and I’m really excited about it! Next year is going to be a busy year.

Rick Florino

Source: Artist Direct



Chester Bennington is featured in the latest issue of Kerrang! magazine. He discusses the new Linkin Park album and the musical direction it has taken so far (You probably will be surprised ;) ). But he also speaks  to the haters who haven’t even gave the new STP lineup a chance – but chose to judge them anyways.


“I don’t personally know what Scott thinks of me fronting STP. Let’s put it this way: when my wife met me, she didn’t call my ex-wife and ask if it was okay. I care about Scott and I want nothing but the best for him, but at the same time I know that if I want my favorite band to be productive, then I’m the only guy who can do it.”


“I know that people may initially be sceptical because I’m not Scott. That’s natural. But for those who have seen us play together with their own eyes and heard our EP with their own ears – they believe it. For people who haven’t, and who don’t go to shows or listen to new material but still have opinions on us..well, [raises middle finger] they can kiss my ass. Listen to the EP; come see a show. This is a permanent arrangement, and I promise that you will believe that this is the future of STP.”


K!: So, Chester, what’s happening with Linkin Park?


Chester: We’ve written a lot of music for the new Linkin Park album; Mike’s written tons. When I got back from tour with STP, there was a lot for me to catch up with. They were playing me things, and I was like, ‘Dude, this is fucking awesome!’ The music has tons of energy – we basically want people to listen to it and go, ‘Really? They did that?!’ People will either love it or hate it. They’re the two preferred responses, and we have a real vision set out for this album.


K!: How will it sound then?


Chester: Before I left on tour with STP, everything that Mike had written was really dance-y and sounded kind of like electro. I loved it, and I said, ‘How about we start with this stuff and make it darker?’ and then I come back from tour…and it’s like death metal!(laughs). I just sat there listening, like, ‘Oh shit, this is awesome! So this is where we’re going with it? Cool, I’m down with that!’ Things will keep changing as we write – they always do!


K!: Are you really going to death metal?


Chester: That’s the most amazing thing about writing music in Linkin Park; we take such a massive variety of influences into demo sessions. It could be in any form, from Mike beatboxing into his phone to a completely finished song, complete with words. We take it all into the studio and work on it there, kinda stick to what they already do. I don’t imagine that Pantera ever took any pop-style beats into a recording session and said, ‘Let’s do this! We could pull this off!’ We’ve taken all sort of ideas into the studio this time, from acoustic folk songs to dupsteppy, crazy stuff with insane guitars…oh, and death metal complete with super-intricate drumming. In Linkin Park, we don’t give a shit what we’re doing, as long as it makes our ears perk up!


Source: CBNAlternativeNation and agathasophy.tumblr.com

prevention-awareness-month billboard_2013


October is bullying prevention month and Hard Drive XL has a special campaign going on in which Rockstars get a spotlight to speak out to Bullying victims and offer advice, give hope and offer support.


Here’s Chester’s PSA. Heard on Hard Drive XL yesterday, October 16th. You can listen to what Chester has to say down below. For more information, please visit


and spread the word about this. Bullying is EVERYWHERE and it’s taking lives everyday. Make a difference and help! Thank you!


The party rocked on for the D Las Vegas’ first anniversary as Stone Temple Pilots took the stage with new front man and lead vocalist Chester Bennington on Friday night. D Las Vegas CEO Derek Stevens again introduced the band, firing up the Fremont Street crowd after saying, “This is the greatest place to have a party I’ve ever been to!”

As green smoke billowed from behind the drum set, the longtime rockers emerged to thunderous cheers, kicking off the set with “Down.” The song was a fitting way for Bennington to introduce himself as the newest member of STP, belting the line, “Pleased to meet you, nice to know me.” The band parted ways with longtime front man Scott Weiland in February and re-outfitted this spring with Chester Bennington, who is best known as the lead singer of Linkin Park.

The ecstatic crowd sang along to smash hits “Vasoline,” “Dead & Bloated,” “Plush,” “Interstate Love Song” and “Sex Type Thing” while the show streamed live high overhead on the Viva Vision canopy. Fans also got a taste of STP’s new sound, rocking out to “Out of Time,” the first released track off their upcoming EP High Rise which will be the first production featuring Bennington’s vocals.

The scheduled set list wasn’t enough for the passionate audience who cheered for an encore until the band came roaring back on stage for a few extra songs.

Stone-Temple-Pilots-feat-Chester-Bennington-perform-at-the-D-Las-Vegas-9.27.13 Chester-Bennington-of-Stone-Temple-Pilots-performs-at-the-D-Las-Vegas-9.27.13-975x1024 Stone-Temple-Pilots-feat-Chester-Bennington-at-the-D-Las-Vegas-9.27.13

Source:  Haute Living

The Phillipine Star released this interesting interview with Chester! He talks about the evolution of the band, studio time and what keeps him grounded! You can read the interview below, or here!




‘Throughout our career, we got some great reviews, we got some mediocre reviews, we got some bad reviews. Reality is what we (take into consideration) is the fans. Had we based the outlook on our career on the reviews that have been written about us, we could have quit. Although the longer we’ve been around, with each record that we make, the critics seem to like the band more and more.’ —Chester Bennington

 MANILA, Philippines – Linkin Park’s latest work Living Things speaks volumes of how much of a “living thing” the band is: “Always moving, moving, moving creatively,” to quote vocalist Chester Bennington, and staying strong and relevant as it comes close to being around for two decades already.

Has Linkin Park really been making music for 17 years now (counting in the years of toil before it finally struck a record deal and landed its big break in 2000 via its debut Hybrid Theory)? When reminded about it during a recent phone interview for The STAR, Chester sounded a little overwhelmed himself, reacting with a laugh, “It is a little crazy!”

Linkin Park, whose other members are Rob Bourdon (drummer), Brad Delson (lead guitarist), Dave Farrell (bassist), Joe Hahn (DJ and sampler) and Mike Shinoda (rhythm guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist), grouped in 1996 in California. It has since packed a punch in the subsequent years — released five records, sold 50 million albums worldwide, won Grammys, among other things worth-noting — and is showing no signs of slowing down.

“It’s great to be doing something for so long. It’s an honor and a privilege. It’s still fresh and fun and exciting,” Chester said.

When the band was new and younger, reaching the “pinnacle of success” wasn’t something it was preoccupied with. Sure, according to Chester, “you dream about stuff like that and kinda hope about it. I personally had goals on what we were going to reach. But our expectations were not that high.”

Because everything now has exceeded the band’s expectations, the success has become sweeter. And if there’s anything that any aspiring artist can learn from Linkin Park’s story, it’s never resting on your laurels.

Chester believes that you can’t make it if you’re thinking that your way — even if it’s validated by awards, amazing record sales and a solid global fan base — is the only right way to do things. “One thing we’re really good at is taking constructive criticism,” he said.

Does Linkin Park keep tab of what the critics say? “Critics’ reviews kind of matter but they also kind of not matter. There are reviews that do not speak of the general public. Throughout our career, we got some great reviews, we got some mediocre reviews, we got some bad reviews. Reality is what we (take into consideration) is the fans. Had we based the outlook on our career on the reviews that have been written about us, we could have quit (laughs). Honestly, we don’t really pay attention to what the critics say although the longer (we’ve) been around, with each record that we make, the critics seem to like the band more and more.”

In support of the release of its fifth album Living Things last year, the band has been on the road almost non-stop, and it’s now on the last leg of its world tour, which will bring Linkin Park back to the Philippines for the Aug. 13 show at the Mall of Asia Arena. The band performed here in 2004. “We had a wonderful time. (The Philippines is) a great place to be. It’s crazy that it’s been almost 10 years though (since we last went there).

At the time of our brief phone chat, Chester and the rest of the guys were in a recording studio. (The band’s sixth record is reportedly in the works.)

“We’re always moving, moving and moving creatively. It keeps things fresh and fun,” Chester said, “and the fact that we don’t put any limitations on what kind of songs we should be writing, that makes the potential for writing much greater than like, pigeonholing yourself into a specific sound or style.”

True, for its long-time fans, it’s not hard to notice that Linkin Park has unhinged itself from constricting labels (like the “rap-metal band” tag heavily bandied about during its early years is nowadays used less and less to strictly define the band’s music), making room for descriptions like “experimental,” “futuristic” or “multi-genre/concept.” Its latest album has generated adjectives like “hybridized” for fusing different music elements from its previous records.

It didn’t make everybody happy, Chester acknowledged, but they have to keep going.

“Once you get to a point where people know who you are, you kind of have to understand that there’s gonna be people who love your music, and people who hate it. But if you focus on the people that don’t like it, that’s gonna be a bit weird. Same time, we are making music that we want a lot of people to listen to. We know, as songwriters, what things would be appealing or what are not gonna be appealing to people because we’re fans of music as well…

“We have worked our entire career to get rid of certain sounds of the band that we found were not appealing and by doing so, a lot of our fans have felt like, ‘What happened to my band (laughs)?’ But that’s part of evolution… We have to keep going.”

And keep going the band did with Living Things, which debuted last year at No. 1 on Billboard 200. The album’s songwriting is descriptive of, as Chester put it, “the place we are in life emotionally. We’ve become happier people (laughs). We try to make the songs as inspirational as possible, even if some of the content of the songs are dark.”

“I think that’s important, generally speaking, as we want to write songs that are going to mean something to people — and that in itself is inspirational to me — we want to dig deep into what we’re saying and put it out there in a way that it can attach itself to someone else’s life experience,” he added.

When the band is not on tour or recording, the members maximize the time-out for home life, for charity or for side projects. “We enjoy our families. I have a lot of kids. If I’m not with Linkin Park, I’m working with other people. I’ve been working with Stone Temple Pilots and we’re making great music together.”

Told that we came across that bit of amusing trivia he gave to another interview that interestingly, they have wives, kids, families who don’t really care that they’re in a band, or that they are the Linkin Park, he mused, “My kids just care that they’re living with dad. They don’t care if they’re living with the guy from Linkin Park.”

Chester further shared, “There are times when we are doing things together and people come up to you and talk to you about Linkin Park. Sometimes, (my kids) think it’s cool. Sometimes, they wonder why people think it’s so cool. It’s funny! Does family make me feel grounded? I think so. It keeps things in perspective as to what’s important in life.”

(Living Things World Tour: Linkin Park World Tour on Aug. 13 at the MOA Arena is presented by Scala Events with ticket prices of P9,880 — VIP Standing, P9,880 — Patron Center Seated [reserved seating], P6,880 — Lower Box A [reserved seating], P5,880 — Lower Box B [reserved seating], P3,480 — Upper Box [reserved seating] and P880 — General Admission [reserved seating]. Call SM Tickets at (02) 470-2222 or visit www.smtickets.com. For details, visit linkinpark.comfacebook.com/scalaevents or twitter.com/scalaeventsph.)