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Welcome to CHESTERLAND, a fan site dedicated to Chester Bennington from Linkin Park. Here you will find news, videos, pictures and more about him, Linkin Park and his side projects such as Dead By Sunrise, Stone Temple Pilots, Ve'Cel, etc.


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tumblr_lf68qw35te1qf28nwo1_500Our dear friend Miss Mushrooms is back with another Birthday Present for Rob this year. Here’s a message from her:

Last year with a great success and quite a little time on my hands to organise and compile everyone’s submissions, we managed to pull off together quite a birthday party online for the drummer. If you recall correctly, everybody who contributed to the birthday party got a tweet out of him. So this year, I am at it again, and this time, we have a little longer to get submissions in. I also have a surprise up my sleeve for this year that will not be revealed until the actual slideshow. [Read the entire FAQ here]



This year our project will be a little different, this time, we’re asking you to record a 10 seconds long video of you (alone or with friends) wishing Chester a Happy Birthay. Use your imagination, you can sing, dance, show posters, or whatever, just make sure it’s 10 seconds long and in .AVI format. Don’t forget to visit the CHESTER BIRTHDAY PROJEKT site and our rules section. Spread the word on twitter and tumblr, guys.

- ChesterDEAN

PL - Sept 2013

I’m really happy to inform you that I finally had the chance to really work on the site’s layout and it now looks much better. I can’t wait to hear your opinions, so please, feel free to tweet us or leave us a comment here on the site. Thank you for visiting the site even when it looked kinda crappy. You are all amazing. Thank you very much.

- ChesterDEAN.

Hey guys, this is another attempt to make the site look better, but then again, I had to make it somewhere else, this is a test right now, the layout won’t stay like this, I’m still testing layouts and if my hosting works as I want it to work. I will be improving the site with time, but please, I’d really appreciate if you could leave us your comments and opinions about it, this is for you and I want you to enjoy it as much as I do by working on it.

Thanks again for your patience,

- ChesterDEAN